Flounder Pounder Day 4 And The Crowd Goes Wild

Yesterday was day 4 at the scales for the Flounder Pounder Open 2018.  Today is the last day for anglers to get a catch to the scales and bet the new leader.  The last 71 boats have gone out for a shot at the leaderboard.  The daily calcutta is anyone’s for the taking.  The daily calcutta was a full on race yesterday and added some excitement to the scales, but the real excitement came just before the scales closed.


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Eye am going to be on the board

The anglers bringing fish to the scales were going head to head for the daily calcutta.  There were “ooohs and aaahs” from the crowd every time a fish was weighed.  Sometimes a fish was in the money,  bounced off another angler, and other times it didn’t make the cut.  The scales were crowded.

Pete Hesson and his crew team Yahoos came to the scales.  I looked over and signaled Pete from across the stage, I was near the computers.  “What do you have?”  Pete just looks at me with an ear to ear grin, and nods.  I knew he wasn’t worried about going for the calcutta, he had a contender for the board.  I jumped up on the back of the stage and ran over.

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Under that pile of fish lurks a beast

Me … “Dude what you got?  How did you boys do?”
Pete … ” We got a nice fish, and a cooler full of them”
Me … “Let me take a peek?” (I Know He Won’t)
Pete .. “No one is seeing this until it hits the stage, there are too many people trying to see.  Just get that camera ready”
Me … “Haaahaaahaa    I hear ya, just tell me one thing, is it gonna top double digits?”
Pete … I get that big smile, and sly look … “We didn’t weigh it yet, that is bad luck.  Get that camera ready, you are gonna like this.  I’m gonna need some shots of it too.”
Me … “You got it”

There are a few guys behind them in line that are trying to place for the calcutta, Al lets them slide ahead.  “We can wait, we have plenty of time.”  The excitement is building around the scales, the crowd knows something is in that cooler, they just don’t know what and Pete ain’t talking.  The whole crew is excited you can see it in their eyes.  Finally with minutes to the scale closing, they push the cooler to the stage.

flounder pounder 2018
The beast emerges from the depths of the cooler

Pete opens that cooler and it is full of some quality fish.  He reaches under the seven fish on top and pulls out a big flounder.  I know right away this will make the top five fish, but where would remain to be seen.  The weights and measurements have been all over the place.  Long skinny fish or shorter fat fish all weighing about the same. This fish was not too skinny, and she had some length.

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Chuck puts the flounder on the measuring table and we can see right away she is 29 inches, a contender for sure.  Not just a qualifier for the board, now she is possibly going to take first place.  The lead fish is 27 inches, this beast is a full 2 inches longer with about the same girth.  The crowd is going crazy, a Delaware team has brought a big fish to the scales.  Right now team Stalker is in the lead, a crew out of Jersey.  Mike Frank and his boys are very cool and stand up guys and they are nervously waiting to see where this fish will land on the board.  They are fishing today to see if they can get back on top.


flounder pounder 2018
9.8 pounds we have a new leader

Chuck puts the fish on the scale.  The numbers jump up fast … 4 .. 6 .. 10 .. then drop to 9.9 and rest at 9.8.  The crowd goes nuts.  We have a new $100,000 leader.  They didn’t break double digits, but the Yahoos brought a winning fish to the scales and of course they took the top calcutta slot for the day.  Now we wait and see today if anyone can bring in a 10 pound fish or better.  There are still plenty of chances to make the leaderboard.  The lightest fish is 7.0 pounds.  There is also the daily calcutta for anglers to compete for as well.  Scales open at 4 PM we will see you there!  Some of the best flounder anglers in Delaware are out today.

Kudos to team Yahoos for donating their fish to the Food Bank Of Delaware.

Fish On!

Rich King



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