Water Rescue Recovers Unicorn

You can’t make this stuff up, no one was hurt during this, but a lot of resources were used.

So the story goes … Last week a unicorn raft was seen floating far off the beach at Broadkill Beach.  A concerned citizen called it in and Slaughter Beach, Milton, and Trooper 2 responded.  Slaughter beach deployed the boat, Lewes didn’t have the crew to get out as fast with their boat, but were on call to assist.  Trooper 2 was there with a bear in the air,Milton or Lewes was observing from the beach.

The radio chatter went something like this.  Trooper 2 (the helicopter)  “We have spotted the unicorn raft, but we see no one in the water, or anywhere in the vicinity. We will stay on scene with the unicorn raft until further notice”    A friend of mine said  “I have never heard unicorn raft said so many times on a radio in my life, it was pretty comical”.  

Not long after all were deployed, a homeowner at Broadkill informed the emergency response crews that the raft had been pushed out by the wind and waves.  The kid who lost it didn’t want to tell his parents.  The concerned citizen that called assumed the child was on the raft since he was no where to be found on the beach.  Just a heads up but this probably cost close to $15,000 if not more, when all said and done for the amount of deployed resources.  Keep your big rafts in check please.

Four days later a group of women in Minnesota were stuck on a unicorn raft and had to be rescued . That video went viral on the internets.  It would seem that unicorn rafts have an issue with escaping and at times taking passengers with them.  Tie up your unicorn rafts.   People keep using these giant rafts and more often than not they are losing these to the ocean.  Yesterday a young man lost one at Cape Henlopen and it washed up on the restricted or closed beach.  Then a boat picked it up and headed back to Lewes.

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Unicorn raft rescue in Minnesota 

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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