Man Missing Off Rehoboth Beach

Late last night a man decided to take a swim in the ocean off Rehoboth Beach, he did not come back.  A Coast Guard Helicopter and boat, DNREC Marine Police, and Lewes Fire boat were still searching for him in the early dawn hours.  There has been no word of a recovery.  He left his shoes, phone, and other items behind on the beach.

I can not stress enough how dangerous it is to go into the water after dark in rough seas and surf. If you have been drinking it is an even worse idea, especially if you are unfamiliar with the dangers of the surf in general.   Our surf break is dangerous enough in broad day light, if you try to get out of the water and can’t see the waves you can get pummeled.  The surf is rough and fast this morning.  Even when we wade for fishing we have to be careful, our waves break right on the beach.

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We hope that he is found, and will keep you updated.

DSF Staff


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