Fishing At The Point Is Decent

Today amid the bit of chaos we experienced we did get to catch fish.  Spoons for bluefish, or cut bait and mullet rigs.  Puppy drum are hitting bona fide bait, fishbites and sand fleas.  There are a bazillion tiny sand fleas in the surf, the fish are just on the edge of the drop off, feeding on fleas and all the bait fish.


puppy drum. black drum, the point
puppy drum Suzanne caught

Tossing spoons for the little blues was fun especially on the 3 foot ultralight rods.  I mean if you are going to catch tiny blues on a spoon may as well have some fun.  I even had a 8 inch blue hit a 4 ounce gator spoon.  We had fun when the blues would feed.  The porpoises were feeding like crazy all around the point.

There was a lot of pompano caught on the ocean side of the point in the morning and we were catching spot etc. on the bayside.

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Aside from all the surf fishing, there was a lot of entertainment watching all the boats and activity on the water.

Fish On!

Rich King

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