Beach Clean Up At The Point Today

Nothing like finding bags of human waste buried on the beach.  If you are going to bury it then actually bury it, leaving it stuck up like a flag is just ignorant.  Leaving a second bag full of urine buried next to it is even more ignorant.  But then again so is anyone who would leave behind a bag like this.  Seriously don’t you put the bag in the bucket so you can literally carry out your shit you carried in?  If people keep this up we won’t be allowed to have those tents on the beach.  Guaranteed the same people complaining about the rules for actively fishing do this kind of thing.  I don’t know a single real angler that would leave trash like this on a beach or even bury it.  Take it home with you.  Now you know why we use gloves.

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Today’s clean up crew

We had a lot of volunteers this morning, which was good, usually about 8 people show up and it takes hours to comb the point.  We had two trucks and bunch of people so it didn’t take too long today.  We were done by 11 AM and pulled a truck load and a half of trash off the point.  There were palettes and all kinds of trash out there that washed up onto the beach over the summer.  The amount of boards with nails was not surprising.  

    We will continue with weekly beach clean ups throughout the year.  In a couple of weeks we will switch to weekends and do them on Saturdays.  Now that the crowds have reduced drastically it will not be an issue on the weekends  One reason to not do weekends in the summer is not only the crowds but people who want to hand you the trash they have with them.  Parks needs to bring back the trash service they had back in the day.  In some areas carry in carry out is just not working. 

Fish On!

Rich King 


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