Water Rescue At The Point Today By The DSF crew

(September 2, 2018) … While I was working my way to the point today, the crew was surf fishing and catching.  Spot, puppy drum, dogfish, and little blues.  While they were fishing, a woman down the beach decided to go swimming after her red ball that wound up in the water.  She got into trouble real quick when she was in the rip and currents, and started calling for help.  The point is a dangerous place to swim, especially on the bayside, between the point and the bay “point”.  Twenty feet off the beach or so in some spots, you are in forty feet of water, it drops off dramatically.  The small waves are deceiving and people think it is just like the flats near them and it is not.  The water rips through there and the currents are no joke. 

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The point shot from above by Ron MacArthur (2018)

   Andrew Hansen, Suzanne Martin, Scott Jost, Jon WIlliams, Eric Hess and Rob Lyons all sprang into action.    Suzanne went full MacGyver and made a rope out of the dog leashes.  Andrew with his glasses still on put the “rope” on his wrist and swam out to the woman, who at this point is calling for help.  An older gentlemen and young kid had already gone out after her.  “My first responder training kicked in and I went into action on autopilot”  Andrew Hansen.  

     “They were fifty feet off the beach, Jon, Rob, and Eric helped retrieve them all with the rope attached to Andrew.”  Suzanne Martin.  “Also I would like everyone to know that my dogs, especially Jasper, sat there the whole time waiting on the return of their leashes.  We had a rope to shore the whole time, so we didn’t lose the group.”

cape may lewes ferry, the point, cape henlopen state park
Sailboat we saw off the point today with the ferry for the photobomb
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Andrew Hansen … “I had the woman on my left arm keeping her head out of the water the older gentleman was on her other side trying to help with that, too. The younger guy/kid was on my right and had a hold of my arm and headed towards the beach, my right arm was a little behind me. My back was towards the beach.  She was trying to climb on top of me to get out of the water.  Panic mode set into her” 

Jon Williams .. “It was a great effort to save 3 people who had no business being in there. The kicker is she went after a red rubber ball. Keep up the good work Andrew!” 

SUP safety, delaware, sussex county, the pointis dangerous,
This guy fell off his SUP 3 times in the rips off the point in heavy boat traffic.

 When I finally arrived at the point, I heard this entire story.  People need to realize the point is a dangerous place to be in the water.  The water in front of the lighthouse is over a 100 feet deep.   Those rips people are riding through in SUP’s without life jackets, will snatch you up and take you for a ride to the ocean.  Also the boats can’t see people in kayaks and on SUPs too well. Especially at sunset.  Be careful out there, this woman is lucky she is alive.  If everyone hadn’t stepped up she would have been pulled into those currents, sucked to the bottom, and gone.

Fish On!
Rich King

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