Yes You Can Eat Those Pompano

(September 2018) …I am getting messages like crazy.  Can we eat these pompano?  What kind of fish is this, can we keep them?    You certainly can, they are delicious, there isn’t a creel limit for pompano in Delaware, and probably one of the easiest fish to cook.  Because cleaning them is simple.  Gut the pompano, and clean it out real good.  Wash it out well with cold water.  Then slice the skin in a criss-cross pattern.  You can season them anyway you want.  If they are big enough you can filet, but cooking whole is the best bet with the smaller ones we are catching in the surf. 

    There are a lot of recipes online.  Just put a little salt and pepper on the pompano and throw it on the grill.  Salt the inner cavity as well, it is that simple and fast.  The meat will flake right off the bones after about 20 minutes on the grill.  If you are baking them it might take a little longer depending on your cooking temperature.   Coating pompano in butter or olive oil and spice to your preferences, is great for baking.  Pompano is a sweet meat fish.

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Pompano caught by the Thornton family on DS Custom Tackle and Fishbites bloodworms at Fenwick Island surf fishing
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    Every year we see more and more pompano.  I would highly recommend trying them for dinner.  This summer we have seen a lot of them caught in the surf.  

Fish On!

Rich King  

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