False Albies On The Way

We have been down for a few days due to some computer and modem glitches.  Something was disturbed in the matrix and our systems went haywire on Friday and we are still working out some bugs.  Hoping this posts without any issues and we will be good to go.

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albie candy

The false albie action is heating up in the surf in northern New Jersey.  Looking forward to them coming to our coastline and hoping that is by this weekend or next.  If they aren’t here already.  Time to get the albie candy and metals ready for some fast retrieves.  Wrist breaking fast retrieves, they like fast bait.  Last year by this time they were already in the surf and at the inlet.

When they hit, hold on it is a seriously fun fight.  I don’t know if their numbers are increasing or if people are fishing for them more often these days, but I have seen a lot caught from New York to north  New Jersey.   Sandy Hook has been a hot spot in Jersey and its geography is perfect for catching these fish.   Albie fishing is a lot of fun, they taste horrible according to most people, but do make good bait for bluefish.

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Rich King

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