War On The Shore 2018 Results

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Thank you to everyone for participating in the first annual War On The Shore surf fishing tournament.  I think I had more fun running this tournament than actually fishing, I’m kidding, watching you all fish was killing me.  Took all I had not to toss a spoon between anglers, that would have been ugly if I caught a qualifying fish. We had 185 anglers fishing from Gordons Pond to just north of the Great Dune above naval crossing in Cape Henlopen State Park.  Everyone was really spread out and had plenty of space.

The weather was my main concern for the entire week, especially when Hurricane Michael took a turn up the coast.  I was really worried we would be fishing in a hurricane until about Tuesday, then the storm started to shift more.  All in all we had a beautiful day once the morning rain subsided.  It is October, it is not supposed to be so “summery“, but here we are.

bluefish head, yellow eyed devils, surf fishing, fish on beach, delaware, sussex county
yellow eyed devils were tiny

There were a lot of fish caught, just not a lot of fish that could be scored.  “Never caught that many 10 inch bluefish in my life” … said one angler.  Bluefish, northern puffers, pompano, black drum, sand perch, striped bass, and flounder all too small to score but were caught in droves.  If we had set bluefish at 10 inches the judges would have been very busy.  Maybe next year if conditions are the same we will go down to 11 inches just for some scoring fun.  The moment anglers dropped lines in the water they were catching fish.

The judges had a great time, they were set up in pairs in “stations” along the beach and a few were driving constantly.  “This was much easier to judge, I can sit here and watch fifty anglers, they are spread out perfect.”  Big thanks to all of our judges, they did a great job and stayed on top of everything.  We also sent out two of our judges to strip stores of bait for the anglers when they started running out.  I think we hit the stores at least three times.  We have a fix for that issue for the next tournaments so anglers will not have to leave the beach.

lewes, wheelhouse, war on the shore, delaware, sussex county
The awards table for War On The Shore at the Wheelhouse

The after party and awards ceremony was at the Wheelhouse in Lewes.  Great spot to hang out along the canal.  Big thanks to Easy Speak Distillery for the drink special on the Orange Vodka Crushes.  The staff at Wheelhouse were great to work with and they thank  you all for coming out and having some fun. 

   Huge thanks to all of our sponsors for the support:  Ocean 98.1,  Preston Automotive, DS Custom Tackle, Helly Hansen, Tidal Tables, Liquid Board Shop, ASAP Screen Printing, Easy Speak Distillery, The Wheelhouse, and the Delmarva Outdoors Expo.  Our judges did a great job and we raised $925.00 for Frets 4 Vets to help them with their efforts for veterans with PTSD.   


wots, war on the shore, fish measuring board
lot of barely 12 inch bluefish all day long

Our prizes and donations for the raffles were awesome.  Huge thanks to DS Custom Tackle for helping with the prize packages, donating $2,000 in gear!  Helly Hansen donated a Skagat jacket for the biggest fish prize, really quality gear from that shop in the Tanger outlets.  We had a lot of Liquid gear and DSF shirts.  

Get ready for the next tournaments … November 24th, the Fall Fish Bowl and on May 4th, May The Fish Be With You

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The results of the War On The Shore 2018 surf fishing tournament.

Conway Bristow took first place for $5,000  with 26 points of bluefish

Bernie McLaughlin second place for $1,500

Leo Keanon   third place for $1,000

John Furlow   fourth place for $500

David Gappa    Fifth place for $250

Calcutta bluefish  $2,380 … Chrissy Cebrat … 14 inch bluefish (15 points)

Largest Fish …. Helly Hansen Skaggat Jacket and $500  …  Chrissy Cebrat

Six to twentieth place received DSF Hoodies and DS Custom Tackle Surf Packages … ($110 value)

Zach Farmer
Chrissy Cebrat …  also took the calcutta and biggest fish
Tim Crosby
Monica Bayless
Shawn McLaughlin
Andy Keim
Michael Scout
Chris Crosby
Suzanne Martin
Donovan Wierzbicki
Jonathan Fritz
Chad Bayless
Bryan Rillstone
Ronald Short



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