Sunday Funday Earth Day Beach Clean Ups

“Sorry I am late to the beach clean up” … “No Worries we have yet to start.” … “Okay so when I get there do I just get out and start picking up shit?”  “Yaaasssssssssss”   …  Actual conversation I had yesterday with a friend of mine.

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Looks like a jellyfish. Cellophane on the beach. We find a lot of this on the beaches these days.

Good to see so many people volunteer to clean up areas around Delmarva on Earth Day.  Some folks just went out and cleaned up an area on their own in their own “backyards” and neighborhoods.  We have a long way to go, to get the trash out of the environment.  Every little bit helps, but we need more.

Imagine the impact we would have if people celebrated Earth Day, everyday.  Every time we go to the beach or a waterway to fish we clean up the area.  There is always some type of trash to pick up.  Every tide cycle brings more trash onto a beach.  We find a lot of cellophane on the beaches from all kinds of packaging.

The easiest way to help alleviate trash is to not use as many single use products.  You can recycle more, but the way we are doing recycling in Delaware seems like it is creating more roadway trash.  They don’t want recycled goods in trash bags.  Which helps alleviate the use of bags.  However the loose trash in the recycle bins is “leaking” into the environment.  Just drive near any recycle area, there is more trash on the side of the road.


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mylarballoon, pollution, beach cleanups, delaware, sussex county, earth day, delmarva
Mylar balloon wrapped up in Delaware Bay grass

One and done products, something that took a lot of energy and effort to make and then is used once and thrown away.  We waste a lot of natural resources to produce single use packaging that could be replaced with products that do not require as much energy to make or be thrown away.  There are a lot of ways to lessen your impact on the environment.  A fried of mine carries around here own stainless steel straw and utensils in case she needs them to avoid single use products.

Thanks to everyone who went out yesterday and helped clean up something.  Keep that shit up, everyday.

Fish On!

Rich King

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