Look Up At The Humanity Star On Friday


space, humanity star, delaware, sussex county
The Humanity Star a geodesic dome of reflective panels.

The Humanity Star will pass over Delaware on Friday morning.  What is the humanity star?  It is a geodesic dome satellite that was launched into orbit on January twenty-first. Covered in highly reflective  panels, this causes it to appear like it is blinking rapidly as it passes across the night sky.  It will be brighter than the stars and moving rapidly, much like the International Space Station, but not as fast. The Humanity Star was created by Rocket Lab Founder and CEO Peter Beck.  This is a publicity stunt for his company, but he has a mission in mind as well.  “To get people to look up and appreciate the stars, and remind them of our fragile place in the universe.”  The estimated time of arrival for Delaware is March second at 6:30:09 AM, and will last for five minutes and thirty seconds.  You can live track the satellite from the Humanity Star website.  Enter your location, and the site will tell you when it will be visible in your area.

delaware, sussex county, humanity star
You can track the Humanity star in real-time as it crosses the sky.

From the Humanity Star Website …

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“For millennia, humans have focused on their terrestrial lives and issues. Seldom do we as a species stop, look to the stars and realize our position in the universe as an achingly tiny speck of dust in the grandness of it all.  Humanity is finite, and we won’t be here forever. Yet in the face of this almost inconceivable insignificance, humanity is capable of great and kind things when we recognize we are one species, responsible for the care of each other, and our planet, together. The Humanity Star is to remind us of this.  No matter where you are in the world, rich or in poverty, in conflict or at peace, everyone will be able to see the bright, blinking Humanity Star orbiting Earth in the night sky. My hope is that everyone looking up at the Humanity Star will look past it to the expanse of the universe, feel a connection to our place in it and think a little differently about their lives, actions and what is important.  Wait for when the Humanity Star is overhead and take your loved ones outside to look up and reflect. You may just feel a connection to the more than seven billion other people on this planet we share this ride with.”  …. Peter Beck 


internation space station, moon background, january full moon
International Space Station with the moon as the background … photo by Elliot Severn of Spaceflightphotography.com

There are some who are not pleased with this publicity stunt.  Astronomers and stargazers feel it will add to our already heavy light pollution, however this satellite will re-enter earth’s orbit and burn up after its orbit decays.  It was designed to do just that, which will be a show as well.  Some critics are complaining that it will add to the massive amount of space junk we already have in space.  Since the orbit will decay after nine months, there shouldn’t be an issue with debris, it will literally be a man-made shooting star at that point.  We already have one object we can see regularly, the international space station.  Coincidentally the people who are complaining don’t seem to have a problem with Elon Musk Sending an Tesla into space.  Regardless of your feelings about space junk, this will be cool to check out with the whole family on Friday.

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