Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus maculatus)

Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus maculatus)

Spanish mackerel are a migratory fish.   They have a green back with silvery sides, with three rows of roundish or elliptical yellow spots.  The lateral line curves downward gradually from the gill cover’s upper end near the caudal penduncle.  
The first dorsal fin is black up front into white with a black edge. 
Spanish Mackerel have teeth similar to bluefish, a single row of cutting teeth on each jaw.  You don’t want to lip these fish either.  

Spanish Mackerel have been more prevalent along the surf fishing beaches in Delaware this year.  Spanish Mackerel will follow bunker schools and mix in with bluefish schools along the beaches.  Casting metal spoons, deadly dicks, or any shiny metal jigs will catch them.  A fast retrieve will help get them to hook up faster.  Much like fishing for albies in the surf or from a jetty.   The Indian River Inlet will see them with the incoming tides mixed with bluefish schools.  

Delaware creel limit … 14 inches …  15 fish per angler

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Sting Silver metal that is great for these mackerel and bluefish. Use them in t he fall when t he albies show up too.
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Mack in the box
Mackerel caught by Kevin Golden in the surf in Delaware Seashore State Park
Kevin Golden and crew catching Mackerel on Silver Stingers




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