Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix )


Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix )

Description …

Blueish are greenish in color that fades to a light colored belly.  They have a sharply forked caudal fin (tail).  The mouth has razor sharp teeth, you never want to “lip” one of these fish or get your fingers near their mouth.  Bluefish commonly range in size from seven-inches known as  “snappers” to much larger, weighing on average in the  20 pound range for the larger “gator” or torpedo bluefish. 

lot of barely 12 inch bluefish all day long



























They can be caught on fresh mullet on mullet rigs, also bait on top and bottom rigs, spoons, and many metal lures, gotcha plugs and any large plug.  Check out the modified mullet rig from DS Custom Tackle the best mullet rig you will ever buy.  They will hit just about anything.  They are a favorite to catch among anglers for their speed and strength.  Many prefer to smoke their meat and it is a common practice to remove the dark meat on fillets to reduce the fishy flavor.   Their carcasses are very good for crab bait and in some cases many use them instead of bunker to bait crab pots.  They usually show up in Delaware by mid march to the beginning of April.  The larger “gators” will head north and the smaller snappers remain in our waters throughout the summer months and head back south during the fall.

Season and creel limits in Delaware 2015


All year



        INCHES   LBS.

1          8.20       0.30
2        13.80       1.30
3        18.10       2.90
4        21.60       4.80
5        24.20       7.00
6        26.80       9.20
7        28.80     11.10
8        30.20     12.70
9        31.20     13.90
10            32.00     15.10
11      32.50     16.10
12      33.00     16.80
13      33.50     17.70
14      34.10     18.60
15      34.60     19.50 

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