Beach Conditions After Hurricane Florence Round 1

Round 2 is happening now with rain.  Not anything like Gordon. Which is great news, we are wet enough.  The surf has finally calmed down and the water is really clear.  There have been some fish caught here and there.  The bluefish action should pick right back up at the point.  Kingfish were good a couple of days ago on the southern beaches.

Harbor Of Refuge Light, lewes, lighthouse, cape henlopen state park,outer wall, tautog, bluefish, striped bass
Harbor Of Refuge Light

Blue runners and pompano wound up in the inland bays.  There have been a few of both caught in the back bay areas and creeks.  Short striped bass action has been on fire for schooling bass.  Back bay rips, grass or marsh lines on the outgoing tide.  When the bait fish come out of the  grass on the outgoing tide, the striped bass school up along the edges and feed on the mummichogs.  Use two ounce bucktails or small swm shads, darker colors and browns.  Match the mummichog colors.

Small bluefish are mixed in with the schooling bass around the inland bays.  The surf still has cocktails hitting on all f the beaches.  That should pick back up more as things calm down more.  The beaches look good they didn’t do too bad.

3Rs looking north

Delaware Seashore State Park looks good, Faithful Steward Crossing is still closed as of last evening.  The beach is carved up but it is not too bad.  There are small swales that will fill in eventually.  There is a lot of grass and debris on the beach.

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Beach Plum Island State Park looks good but it is covered with debris.   It will be interesting to see how that beach fills back in with all the sand from Broadkill beach.  The beach seemed wider last week but the tide was up really far.

Fenwick Island State Park looks good, there are swales (tide pools), just watch yourself on any of the “lower” beach areas on the incoming tide.

The point is washed over with rocks.

Cape Henlopen state park is just fine.  Naval crossing lost some sand but that always happens.  Driving out tot he point is a little thin where the water breached at the old fence for the bird closure.   The point is covered with small rocks where the sand washed off.  At low tide it will be easier to walk.  Eventually the point will form back up and the swales will fill back in and so will the rest of the beaches in the parks.  Naturally.

Fish On!

Rich King

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