Beach Combing Is Great


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Green is an easy color to find.

The stone areas on the point at Cape Henlopen are huge.  There is literally tons of sea glass on all of the beaches between tides.  Every tide cycle the beach shifts and reveals more treasures.  Look in the areas where the stones collect, but you can find it all over the place.

Hardest part for some people is finding sea glass.  You have to train your eyes to not look for shells and rocks.  Green is the easiest to find, since nothing out there is green or blue for that matter.  Red is rare but easy to see.  The hardest colors to see are clear or white and brown or dark glass.  They blend in with the shells and rocks.

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You never know where you will find sea glass, but just looking is the best way to start.  I have found it is some of the most unlikely spots.  Anywhere there are rocks and shells piled up between the “scallops” of the beach look for sea glass.

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