Fill In Your Holes After You Get Unstuck!


Board (24 inches) left behind and the hole from the tire where a jeep got stuck. Fill these in!

 Yesterday I watched a jeep get stuck and eventually a surf angler went to help them.  They used the boards under the tires and had to do a little digging.  The jeep was almost to the frame, but the truck pulled it out just fine.  Then they packed up and left the beach, and four nice holes for the next driver.  Normally a few holes isn’t a big deal but these were deep and right in the worst spot, the ramp approach.  You also can’t see them until you are on top of them. 

This is a serious issue this time of year, most of the time no one is out there, especially on the weekdays.  You will have to call for help if no one is out there, and even then there is no guarantee you can get help.   Tow trucks are expensive,and possibly your only option.

   These holes were right in the path we all take to get off or on the beach.   One board was left behind and popped up into my frame when I ran over it, since it was partially buried.  That happened two weeks ago to a friend of mine and it knocked his gas tank off … on the access road.  That could have been a real disaster.  If you use boards make sure you account for all of them, they didn’t walk away, they are there somewhere under the sand. 


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Hole from the tire where a jeep got stuck. Fill these in!

Fill in your holes, carry a real shovel with you, the ones with a long handle that can dig a hole.  Flat head shovels are great for moving sand.  Pointed shovels move material as well, but not as much as a square head shovel.  You can carve better with a flat head, as well as push it under the frame and pull out sand. 

Fish On!

Rich King   

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