Beach Combing Is Great This Time Of Year


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Welk shells found by Sue Sokira on the point the other day. The next day there was hardly a shell on the beach.

As much as we all hate the cold, if you get that one nice day to hit the sand box, you should do it at low tide.  This is the best time of year to go beach combing, for a few reasons.  Mostly the fact that hardly anyone is here, there is less competition finding beach treasures.  However you do have to compete with those of us that can really comb a beach.  The tides are lower than normal so more beach is exposed and more treasures get washed up during and after storms.   The heavier waves we get this time of year really stir up the surf and throw a lot of cool treasure up onto the beach.  After storms is usually the best but the days following any storm or heavy wave event works.  Every low tide will expose new treasures.  People constantly ask why don’t they find sea glass or anything when they beach comb in the summer.  The best answer is someone was already there before you that morning most likely, but every wave brings in new treasures.

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Green sea glass found where it sits in the shell and stone piles.
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The only issue is one day you go out there and there are all kinds of cool things to find and the next day there is just sand as far as the eye can see.  It is like fishing, you have to know when to go, and hope for the best once you get there.  The wash areas that are full of shells and stones is the best places to look for sea glass and other treasures. Coincidentally this is also the best area to look for fish in the summertime.  The cuts as we call them tend to hold more rocks and the like, since the bottom gets stirred up there the most by wave action.  Also sometimes you just find that perfect piece that washed up and is sitting al by itself just waiting to be found.

Despite the fact surf fishing is not so great to nonexistent, the beach combing is excellent.

Fish On!

Rich King

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