DelDOT’s Eye Over Indian River Inlet Shows More Than Traffic


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Daytime screen shot of the DelDOT cam on the south tower blown up

If you don’t us the DelDOT app on your phone to pay attention to the traffic cameras, you should.  Especially now, I constantly see posts asking if the Indian River Inlet bridge is closed.  Even though you could answer that question before with the two DelDOT cameras already on the north and south side of the bridge. Now DelDOT has upped their camera game on the Charles W Cullen Bridge.  With access to a new traffic camera that is on the south tower facing north, and it doesn’t just give you traffic conditions.  Not only is there a great bird’s eye view of the road conditions on the bridge, but this camera could be considered an ultimate spot burn.  You can see the water on both sides of the Charles W. Cullen bridge.  I can see the water conditions, the surf and beach conditions, how many people are in the campground and on the northside beach, how many cars in the parking lot, and how many people are fishing the entire inside wall on the north side.  From the point inside near the handicap access pier to the bulkhead at the Indian River Coast Guard Station.  I can also see a decent portion of that side of the inlet and judge boat traffic, and watch the boats go in and out of the inlet all day long.  Next I will have to see how a sunset looks from this traffic camera.  You can find the DelDOT app in the Google play store, and you can access the cameras on DelDOT’s website.

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View at night from the south tower DelDOT camera, screen shot blown up

The view at night is cool.  The red lights flash and then the screen is a glow with that blue light from the cables.  The the red flashes again, it is definitely a different perspective.  During the day you can see down on the bridge and off into the distance a bit.  You can also see the edge of the top of the south tower.  I think this perspective gives you more of a real sense of the bridge’s height.  Today I was checking it to get a picture and there was a van stopped in the middle of the bridge and traffic was stopped for whatever reason.  So the next time you see someone on social media asking if the bridge is closed, send them to the camera.  If you screen shoot what you see on the app screen you can blow that up and see some decent detail in the background.

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deldot app, delaware, sussex coutny, indian river inlet bridge, south tower
DelDOT app looks like this on your phone
south tower, iri, indian river inlet bridge, charles w cullen bridge, coast guard, bridge light up at night
DelDOT app looks like this on your phone
deldot app, sussex county, indian river inlet bridge, south tower, charles w cullen bridge,
After you download the DelDOT app, choose the traffic camera layer, and then choose the camera in the middle.

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