Angler Snags His Wenis

We always see pictures of people snagging body parts on the internet, and they look painful.  This was not only painful physically, but also explaining it at the hospital. 

The wenis (weenus) is the slang term for the flap of skin on your elbow, but when you walk into an emergency room and tell the nurse you snagged your wenis fishing, it gets a double take.  I have been laughing about this since Sunday when I heard all about it.

Mark … We were all set up to fish it was about 8 AM on a busy weekend.  I took my first cast and wham, I snagged my wenis.  My wife looks at it and says okay lets run to the hospital and get that taken out, no way we can do this on the beach, it was deep in my wenis.  We arrive at Beebe and they are pretty busy for a Saturday morning.  The nurse checking us in asks what is your condition. I say I snagged my wenis fishing, with as straight a face as I can muster.  At first this doesn’t even phase the check in nurse, but she gives me a double take when I ask her if she wants to see it.  You can imagine what she thought I was about to do, but I showed her my arm, with a hook in my wenis

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Mark’s arm with a hook in his wenis (weenus)

 I am on a gurney in a hallway, and people are coming by to look at the hook in my wenis.  Apparently some calls were made.  I am proudly showing my hooked wenis to everyone who wants to see it.  The doctor finally shows up and pulls the hook out of my wenis, to a barrage of jokes from the wife and I.  After we leave Beebe, we head back to the beach to try and continue our day and tell everyone about my hooked wenis. 

     The following weekend we are out on the beach, and get all set up and I cast out and the rod backlashes.  The rig whips around my body and the hook snags the front of my shorts.  I yell to the wife, honey look at this!!     My wife looks at me and says, you better hope that comes right out because there is no way in hell we are going back to that hospital and explaining this one. 

Fish On!
Rich King

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