Finding Joe Brooks Viewing At Lefty’s Was A Great Time

Lat Wednesday night a lot of people came out to view the Finding Joe Brooks Documentar at Lefty’s Alley and Eats in Lewes.  Everyone came early and had dinner, and then we used a viewing room to watch the documentary.  Big thanks to Lefty’s Alley and Eats for the free space to host this event.  They graciously allowed us to use a side room to view the documentary.  Since this was for a non-profit organization they were happy to help.

We raised $390 in ticket sales plus donations for the Joe Brooks Foundation.  The donations that were marked for the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware asked that it be donated to the Joe Brooks foundation in their name.  That is just one of the many reasons I like this club so much, pure class.  There were 29 attendees in total.

Finding Joe Brooks documentary being viewed at Lefty’s … Joe Brooks great Nephew, Joe Brooks

We would like to thank the producers of the Finding Joe Brooks Documentary for making this amazing film.  I cannot say enough about how well this was put together.  It was inspiring to say the least.  I don’t normally watch fishing shows, but this was far from a show. This was a lesson in the history of modern-day fishing and why we are where we are today with conservation and education.  Joe Brooks had a tough life and fishing brought him out of the dark and into the light.  As they say, fishing is life, but fishing saved his life.

I could spend hours telling you about the documentary, but you just need to see it for yourself.  I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone.  So that being said …

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If you didn’t get to see this documentary you will have another chance in February.  We are planning on another screening about mid month.  I highly recommend you check out this documentary.  It will show you just how much the entire fishing industry and our past time was inspired by the father of modern fly fishing, Joe Brooks.

Fish On!

Rich King


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