“OC Shark Hunter” Charged For Illegal Guided Fishing Trips

Nicholas Ager known as the OC Shark Hunter was charged by the Maryland NRP authorities for guiding fishing trips without a license.   He was charging people to go shark fishing on Assateague Island State Park.  Undercover NRP officers booked a trip for $750 and when Nicholas arrived he was charged for not having a guide license.  On top of these charges he is also being charged with a federal violation for operating a business on public land without a permit. The state charges alone he could face a year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

If you remember back two years when Ocean CIty banned shark fishing from the beaches.  It was from social media posts from OC Shark Hunter and others that spurred that emergency ordinance that is still in effect today.  One of the things that lead officers to find Ager was his social media posts beaching allegedly illegal sharks that were reported to authorities.

This just goes to show that you shouldn’t post everything you do on social media.  It also goes to show that if you are going to be a fishing guide you should have a license.  I have guy that accuses me constantly for him getting busted a few years back, beaching illegal sharks, little does he know his “friends” are the ones that turned him in with his social media posts.

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If you want to do a guided shark surf fishing excursion there are people who do it legally in Maryland.

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