Will Hurricane Irma Hit Delmarva


hurricane irma, delmarva, delaware, sussex county,
Hurricane Irma possible tracks for the east coast

I keep seeing every prediction out there and social media is full of maps and all kinds of “information”  in all honesty it is still too early to tell. The European models are usually the best, but they are never a hundred percent either.   The cone of uncertainly term is all over the place and the maps are all spaghetti.  So my best advice is to wait and see what happens when she turns, or doesn’t turn.  The current track is putting her into Florida.  I have seen some of the social media meteorologists say it is impossible for a hurricane to come all the way up the east coast due to conditions at sea, water temperatures.  It is too cold closer to land for Irma to come near the east coast and will be pushed off to sea.  My biggest concern would be for her to turn into a nor’easter like storm, come up across land, and hammer our area.  Hurricanes come in fast, hit hard, and then leave.  Nor’easters grind us up and flood us for days on end.


delaware, delmarva, hurricane irma, sussex county
Current Hurricane Irma track
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So the best advice I can give you is to wait and see what she does after the next few days.  If you live here and are like most of us, we all have emergency supplies this time of year anyway.  In the form of extra food and water that you would consume anyway.  Cars are always gassed up before any storms just in case, generators are tuned up and topped off, or we use power inverters on our vehicles.  You can never be too careful when a storm approaches the coast, when you live at the beach, or along the inland bays.  Always have an “escape” plan and keep that go bag at the ready.  Other than that we will ride out any storm and go watch the surfers at the inlet, because fishing will not happen.  The surfing on the other hand, if you can get to the beach, will be off the chain!  We will keep you updated as usual if anything changes or we do get hit, with current conditions and what is happening.  This is why I bought property out in the country twenty feet above sea level.  To avoid the flood mess, but be near the beach and waterways.

Fish on!

Rich King

hurricane irma tracks, all of the tracks, delaware, sussex county, east coast
Every track that has been predicted for Hurricane Irma.

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