Flying Ship Spotted Off Rehoboth????

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Angela Wolhar’s photo of a”flying” ship in Rehoboth Beach

(Sept 2017) …I have had several people send me pictures of a flying ship off the coast of Rehoboth.  Funny thing is the ship picture being sent appears to be flying or floating in the air, but it really is not.  Also I keep getting pictures of different ships.  I doubt there is more than one flying ship or a single flying ship for that matter.   

This phenomenon is called Fata Morgana, a type of mirage.   This image is created by layers of warm to colder air that pile up or layer from a pressure system.  Usually the wind mixes these layers up and you don’t get this reflection of an image.  This floating ship is created by an inversion layer, because the colder air is on the bottom of the layer and the warmer air is on top.  Usually the colder air is on top of these “layers”.  The particles in the warmer layer are less dense and images will travel through them faster and easier.  The light path or reflection you see is bent, and makes the ship appear to be in the air.  Because the warmer air on the top of these layers or inversions projects the image first, making it appear that the ship is floating in the air or flying as it moves across the distant horizon.

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fata morgana, mirage, optial illusion, flying ship, rehoboth beach, delaware, sussex county, science
Angela Wolhar’s photo of a”flying” ship in Rehoboth Beach

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