Whale Goes All Moby Dick On A Fishing Boat

Yesterday near the Shark River in New Jersey two anglers were flounder (fluke) fishing when they saw a whale feeding nearby.  They started taking a video of the whale when it disappeared, and then BOOM it breached beneath their boat.  The 20 foot center console was capsized tossing the two anglers into the ocean.  They were not hurt and rescued by the Coast Guard.   My buddy Michael Kristiansen with the coast guard said this … “So in 19 years had a first today!!! We launched for a report of 2 individuals in the water. Upon arriving on scene it was discovered their 20ft center console was flipped by a whale!”


Tow boat US  came out and hooked up to the capsized boat and pulled it out and righted her up like a boss.  Red boats are better so goes the saying and they did that yesterday.

New Jersey State Police posted …
Whale vs. Boat

Final Score: Whale 1- Boat 0

And suddenly the great beast was before them! He was ten stories high if he was a foot!

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Yes, folks, earlier today, two people in a 20-foot boat were fishing approximately one mile off of Deal, Monmouth County when they had a close encounter with a whale. The whale surfaced beneath the vessel, causing it to capsize.

Both occupants fell overboard as a result, but fortunately no one was hurt. Troopers from the New Jersey State Marine Services Bureau are conducting the vessel accident investigation.

Charges against the whale are pending its apprehension.”

When the striped bass come down in the fall the whale action is insane on the bunker schools.  I have seen boats get pushed around by whales, but this is a first for me as well.

FIsh On!

RIch King

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