Caution Boat Mating Season Has Started In The Chesapeake Bay

If you didn’t already know, this is how little boats are made.  Mating season for blow boats and big dinghies starts this time of the year in the Chesapeake bay.  Bad enough the watermen have to deal with huge silt plumes from the storms, now they have to watch out for frisky boats.  It is hell of a day at sea when one of these horny fishing boats tries to jump your blowboat.

Best to keep an eye on your six at all times.  Blowboats are their favorite targets since they can’t get up much speed.  If you encounter one of these, usually driven by a “credit card” captain use caution.  They are like moths to a flame when it comes to these mating situations.  They tend to target the experienced boaters so they can mate with an alpha and make better smaller boats.  As far as we know no one was hurt during this coupling.

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