Weekly Beach Clean Ups Will Start On March 11


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The 2017 DSF beach clean up crew, looking forward to seeing everyone again!

We are starting the weekly beach clean ups for 2018 this march on the 11th at 9 AM.  I was going to start this coming weekend but the winds are gonna be crazy and well … I hate windy fishing, which is even worse when you are trying to find trash in a sandstorm.  Last year the DSF clean up crew racked up hundreds of volunteer hours for Delaware State Parks.  This helps the parks with grant funding and of course it helps our beaches that we love so much stay clean.  We will start at Beach Plum Island state park and then each week we will move down the coast like we always do.

Beach Plum is easy and lets us get a break in so to speak.  We are also working with DNREC this year to do Mylar balloon surveys during clean ups for a federal government study.  We will be counting the numbers of balloons we find, not asking them questions.  I will tell you more about that as we get closer to organizing that portion of our clean ups.  I cannot stand seeing Mylar balloons on the beaches they should be outlawed, they almost out number the amount of drinking straws which is another pet peeve of mine.  We are working closely with some local establishments soon to work on getting the plastic straws off our beaches.


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Tim Watt with a bunch of Mylar balloons collected last weekend along the upper Delaware bay beaches … photo by Jeff WIldonger

We will start every Sunday at 9 AM until the summer season kicks in then the clean ups will move to Tuesday mornings at 9 am.  No reason to get up at the crack of dawn and we like to fish before the clean ups when the fish are biting.  Tuesdays work best since it is the one day of the week that the least amount of people and vehicles are on the Drive on and walk on beaches.  If you need community hours for your kids or organizations come on out I can sign any paper work for your hours.

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We take all ages but children under 18 must be accompanied by adults.  Unattended children will be sold as slaves.  We do not babysit, sorry.   We are working on a way to feed everyone from one of our awesome sponsors at the end of the day, so stay tuned.

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Beach trash cleaned up by Matt Carter of Quest Fitness and Kayak. photo by Matt Carter

Dress warm for these clean ups, it might be warm inland at the house, but the temperature will be very different at the beach especially this time of year. Bring gloves, we do provide rubber gloves, provided by DSF.  Water is provided by Diamond State Custom Tackle, local makers of superior surf fishing gear.  We use buckets to collect trash and then transfer those to trash bags provided by Delaware Surf Fishing.  This cuts down on the amount of trash bags we throw away, every little bit helps.  We appreciate everyone’s help last year and are looking forward to getting these started again this year.

If you want to do a clean up on your own, all you have to do is take a trash bag or five gallon bucket to the beach a start collecting trash.  I hate to say this, but every tide change brings in more trash.  Most of the beach trash comes from the waterways not the tourists contrary to what many believe.  Many surf anglers will clean the beach around the areas they fish every time they are at the beach, thank you all for that effort!.  We will have a schedule up soon of times and where these will happen, there will also be event pages on the DSF Facebook page.

Fish On!

Rich King

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