Water Temperatures, Beach Conditions And Illinois Whammies The Skunk


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Chris Ranney whammies the skunk Thursday evening in Lewes

Well this is a lovely day, it is raining so hard the man cavern sounds like a freight train, and you can’t see out the windows.  Metal buildings are very loud with heavy rain, the thunder is a nice added attraction.  We are cleaning up the gear and getting ready for the weekend.  My buddy Chris from Illinois has been out for two days since he got here trying to whack the skunk.  He slammed and lost a few blues last night, but the whammy, as he calls it, is now off the table.  We are fishing all week preparing for next Saturday.  It is going to be a tourney full of bluefish for sure this year.


masseys landign, masseys ditch, water temperatures, delaware, sussex county, long neck
Masseys Ditch temperatures this week.  The cooler windy days decreased the fluctuation and cooled things off.

The water temperatures are holding just fine it is seventy degrees out so no worries on the water temperatures dropping or fluctuating too much.  The water was warmer mid-week despite all of that wind than it is today in Masseys Ditch.  The surf is fifty-nine degrees, the Delaware bay is about fifty-eight degrees, and the upper bay is sixty-three degrees as of noon Friday.  The wind today is not as bad as predicted either.  The last few days were the worst, today we are peaking at twenty-five miles per hour.  Yesterday the waves were not that big, but fast and ground up the beach.  There is a serious drop off on several drive on beaches.  Be careful of that this weekend it will smooth out over the next few days once the surf calms down.  The bluefish have been hitting hard despite the rough conditions.  Holding with six ounces has worked the last few days.  Mullet has been the best baits and green has been the preferred color.  Today red was not working at all, they were only hitting green.


lewes, delaware, sussex county, bluefish, green mullet rig, diamond state custom tackle,
Bluefish this morning near Lewes hitting green … Chris Ranney

So where are the fish?  The question should be where aren’t the bluefish hitting.  They are basically all over the place.  You just have to be around when a school shows up and the action is nonstop.  Mullet is the best baits.  Lures are working good on the ocean beaches, the bay beaches are chocolate milk form the heavy winds.  The weather looks a little wet through the weekend and the temperatures won’t go past sixty-five degrees with night temperatures dropping into the mid forties.  This will cool the water a little bit, but no worries, the fish won’t care.  The longer the water stays cooler the longer we will see these bluefish here, which are still off the beaches of north Carolina.


yellow eyed devil, gator bluefish, delaware, sussex county
Mike Shaw with a nice blue from the surf.

Striped bass action is still good for shorts and some migratory bass in the Delaware Bay.  There are bass moving out of the Chesapeake bay and hopefully will run our coastline.  Problem is the bluefish schools they tend to mix with and sit under are hard to get through to catch them.  We will see how that affects the catching this year for migratory bass soon enough.  There have been some nice bass caught off Assateague Island, the Indian River Inlet and the southern beaches below the inlet.  Bunker chunks have been the best baits.


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Sand fleas are abundant in the surf now, just dig, use a rake, or a small net.

Black drum are still hitting along the Delaware Bay beaches and Cape Henlopen ocean side beaches at naval crossing and point comfort station crossing.   Surf clam, shrimp, and sand fleas are  the best baits.   Make sure your sand spikes are really set hard.  These big fish hit fast and can drag your entire rig into the water before you have a chance to get to it.  Do not leave your gear unattended, that is when Murphy’s Law kicks in and you lose whole set ups.  Bluefish are starting to school up and are tearing up rigs, keep the bait closer to shore to hit the inside edge of a school.  Much easier to pull a fish away for a school instead of across or through a school.

The Oceanic Fishing  pier is still hot for bluefish, short striped bass, some tautog, northern puffers, and flounder are hitting.  Problem is the bluefish are the dominate feeders right now.  cape Henlopen fishing pier is on fire through out the day.  Some people hate these bluefish, never understood that logic.  Have a great weekend and see you in the sand box.

Fish On!

Rich King

Indian River Inlet tide … 

2017/05/05 Fri 05:29 AM 2.70 H
2017/05/05 Fri 11:21 AM 0.10 L
2017/05/05 Fri 5:59 PM 2.56 H
2017/05/05 Fri 11:40 PM 0.18 L
2017/05/06 Sat 06:24 AM 2.65 H
2017/05/06 Sat 12:11 PM 0.06 L
2017/05/06 Sat 6:52 PM 2.68 H
2017/05/07 Sun 12:36 AM 0.13 L
2017/05/07 Sun 07:13 AM 2.61 H
2017/05/07 Sun 12:55 PM 0.04 L
2017/05/07 Sun 7:39 PM 2.80 H
2017/05/08 Mon 01:26 AM 0.09 L
2017/05/08 Mon 07:56 AM 2.58 H
2017/05/08 Mon 1:35 PM 0.04 L
2017/05/08 Mon 8:20 PM 2.89 H
2017/05/09 Tue 02:11 AM 0.07 L
2017/05/09 Tue 08:35 AM 2.54 H
2017/05/09 Tue 2:13 PM 0.07 L
2017/05/09 Tue 8:57 PM 2.97 H

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