Ventusky Real Time Wind And Waves


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Ventusky waves screen for the Delaware area.

Not long ago I was made aware of a new application that you can only use on a computer, it shows meteorological data worldwide, in real time.  I know several apps do this now on our phones, but this one impressed me.  It is a company called ventusky out of Czechoslovakia, and they recently added a real time wave feature to their program.  “Dear Rich, Today, we introduced a unique visualization system for waves on the seas and oceans across the world on the Ventusky waves screen.  We have created an entirely new system of displaying waves. Through the use of animated arcs, our visualization clearly differentiates the direction of movement and height of both wind, waves, and swells that are caused by winds that can be hundreds of kilometers away from the given location.  We thought you would like to share this with your readers and give us some feedback.”  

wind in real time, ventusky, inmeteo, delaware, sussex county
Ventusky wind screen, current for Sunday night at 9 PM, winds are up to 33 MPH

As usual I am impressed with the Ventusky a product by the InMeteo company, and you will be as well. This is a great tool for you to keep an eye on storms that are approaching, or current conditions, such as tomorrows nor’easter.  Which is already whipping up winds and waves.  It is very easy to use.  Just select the condition you desire and you will see winds,waves, and other conditions in real time anywhere in the world.  Just place your cursor over the area you are interested in and you will see the speed of the wind, waves, or precipitation amounts.    


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weather, wind, waves, real time, ventusky, delaware, sussex county, inmeteo,
Ventusky screen shot of east coast and then some, you can really see the way weather patterns affect the entire planet.

You can choose from a multitude of conditions.  The ability to look at the Jet Stream from nine thousand feet is really cool.   VentuSky … “We decided to take advantage of our knowledge and experience and create a top-quality application that clearly displays meteorological data from around the world and allows you to monitor weather development for any place on earth. ” This is the link to the section over Delaware.  This application is a great way to keep an eye on real time weather conditions no matter where you are located.  There are many apps out there, but this is one that I find the most useful on the go.  The easy way to use it on your phone is bookmark it on your web browser.  At some point they plan on making this available as a phone app.

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