DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 5

Never fails … on tourney day the scoring fish don’t bite. But the just undersized do all day long. Over 40 people fished the DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 5 today. Not many made the board.

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I was bailing five inch perch all day long”,
We kept casting to schools of 13 inch bluefish, and scoring just under, all day
“I couldn’t catch a break for a bigger fish, always just under”

Michele Trotter did well and scored two fish at the end of the day. The rewards of staying out all day, You catch more fish and deal with less traffic. SHe had a good day and will read the rewards.

Kingfish scored by Michelle Trotter
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Today’s winners are …

Michele Trotter … 69 points
Jonathan Martin … 22 points
Bill Elborn … 18 points

Adding spot to the list helped a few anglers get on the board today and add to their overall scores.

We will meet at 2 Pm tomorrow at Crooked Hammock for awards and I have everyone’s T-shirts and Hoodies. I also have extra T -shirts and hoodies for those that asked. July 27th is the DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 6.

Overall Leader Board for the Grand Finale … 
Anglers … points 

Michele Trotter … 202 points

Billy Elborn …. 62 points
Suzanne Martin … 60 points 
Jesse Williams … 39 points
Jonathan Martin … 38 points
Bill Orth …. 33 points
Scott Jost … 22 points
Seth Cotner … 22 points

Gary Stefan … 17 points 
Ralph McBride …. 16 points
Steve Frech … 13 points
J Dillon … 11 points
Sammy Greene … 11 points 

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