Tuna Washes Up On A Jersey Beach

   You never know what will wash up on a beach, striped bass anglers early this morning in New Jersey found one hell of a catch on the beach.  A large tuna was discovered by surf casters on a beach in New Jersey’s Island Beach State Park.  The eyes are not clouded over and rumor is it was still alive somewhat.    

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new jersey, tuna on beach
Tuna washed up on beach in New Jersey .. photo by DJ Muller

About 3 years ago we had one get jammed up in the wash at Fenwick Island and someone pulled it out of the surf.  This happens more often than not.  Fish gets disoriented chasing food and then gets caught up in the surf.  

Sometimes they are sick and disoriented and wash up on the beach.  Definitely would not recommend eating it just for that reason alone.  Not to mention I think in New Jersey it would be illegal to keep the fish since it requires a HMS permit for possession.

If I were out there I would have put a or spoon  this things mouth and a bend in my rod for a picture, no caption.  Then watch the internet break for fun.

Fish on!

Rich King

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