Delaware State Park Passes For 2019 Are Here!

Get your park passes and surf tags for 2019 now.  If you are like us and want to be out there the first day of 2019 you’re gonna need to get that pass before the 31st of December. 


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2019 Delaware Surf Fishing tag

You can buy a two-year surf tag, I opt for the single year each time.  I never know how long my beach beater will make it.  It only costs a few bucks to transfer your beach tag to another vehicle.   Despite the fact my new beach ride warranted a two-year tag, I didn’t want to jinx her.

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   Delaware is on a year to year basis, everything expires December 31st at midnight.  As annoying as some find this I kind of like it.  I have a hard enough time remembering dates, like my own birthday.  I can’t imagine I would be any better remembering I need to renew my licenses and what not on the day I bought them.

Fish On!

Rich King

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