Tropical Storm Bertha hits the beach in Delaware


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Photo by Matthew C Beatty … This is high tide at the first entrance south of Bethany almost completely flooded in certain areas.

Even though tropical storm Bertha is well off our coast, today the storm surge at high tide flooded most of the beaches in Delaware and Maryland to the dune line in no time.  Lifeguards had to close down the beach at Indian River Inlet south side.  Water washed across the beach and filled in behind beach goers.  Basically water washed up just like it would normally during a storm and started to “recut” the beach.  With sandbars and tide pools, essentially what the bottom looks like just farther up the beach.  Most of the time people are not on a beach to see this happen or be there when the beach fills in like this from a storm surge.  Rip currents are more of a danger with this surge so take precautions.  The waves will be large and fast.  There were a lot of rescues on a few beaches today in Ocean City.  The waves and currents will make it difficult to hold bottom for surf fishing.  I do not know if the beaches will be open for drive on in some areas due to high tide.  I am sure the parks will decide that tomorrow.  Alex said the water came up to the dunes fast on conquest today.  Not a good idea to be on a drive on beach if the tide is coming in with a storm surge.  Be careful Wednesday and Thursday.  The storm will be much farther away by then but the surge will remain.  The weekend will most likely see stirred up water, a cut up beach, and fast water.  Hopefully it calms down more than that, but that is my best guess.

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