Why do you fish?

humpback whale, bethany beach, delaware whale watchers,
Photo by Jeff Muller … humpback Whale off Bethany Beach

Fishing this week has been decent in the surf.  Random bluefish, kingfish, croaker, and spot mostly on fishbites bloodworm formula and squid.  Small sharks have been plentiful, from little sand sharks to dogfish.   Skates galore as usual, I just saw a picture of skate wing meat selling for eleven eighty eight a pound.  Apparently Jersey flounder (skates) has some value, who knew.  Flounder are still the hot fish for this year, and are all over the place on gulp chartreuse swim mullets or minnows.  Triggers are still on the walls, reef and wreck sites, the best bait is sand fleas. There are still  slot striped bass catches showing up in the Delaware Bay area.  Keep in mind that is only the Delaware Bay and its tributaries that slot season counts.  The Lewes canal is a tributary from the train bridge to Roosevelt Inlet.  Bluefish are in the Delaware bay still and the catches have been decent.  Small snappers but fun to catch and great in the smoker.  The carcasses make great crab trap bait.  Crabbing has been okay, still not as good as previous years.  You just have to find them.  Clamming is still decent but they are on the larger side.  Off shore fishing has been great for mahi, tuna,and tilefish.  Summer fishing at its finest.  August is usually like this and the traffic on weekends is insane.  Summer season is coming to an end, but the fishing will continue.

croaker, indian riveer bay, first fish of the season
Rob Schumacher with a croaker from the Indian River bay

You can see the excitement in people’s eyes in these pictures when they are fishing.  Catching their first fish for the season or life.  Just seeing a fish for the first time, kids have some of the best reactions.  Excited joy and amazement all at the same time.  You never forget that first fish and the thrill continues every time you catch.   There are many reasons I love to fish, the thrill of the catch is one of them.  Having a blast with your friends while fishing, and the cool things we see on the water.  This weekend the Bluedogs surf fishing team was offshore in front of Bethany Beach flounder pounding.  They were treated to a show by a humpback whale feeding on bunker.  They said it was amazing to watch and will never forget that experience.  Seeing the pictures are cool, but to experience that is a once in a lifetime for most people.  It is a fishing trip friends took together that they will never forget.  That is everything that fishing is about all rolled into one.  I have memories of fishing when I was a kid I have been reliving for the past week, it has been a refreshing experience.  People fish for fun, food, and/or a living, but no matter they also do it for the love of the thrill of the catch.  It is fishing, something we all do for the joy of the experience.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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