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The non toothy unit

Fishing slowed down over the weekend when the rains showed up, but that didn’t stop many from getting out there.  Flounder have been the hot catch this month and summer.  They are popping up everywhere on either minnows or gulp.  From the Inland Bays to the Delaware Bay to the ocean it is hard to not find flounder.  Croaker are still everywhere on fish bites or squid.  Resident striped bass are still heavy at the outer walls and Roosevelt inlet.  Spot are hitting the same baits and just about as frequent, the surf has seen both as well as kingfish.  The beaches over the weekend were quiet.  That rain really keeps people away from the drive on beaches.  Several of my friends were out fishing despite the weather.  They were catching the “norm” in the surf for summer time and having a blast on the barren beaches.  Not a lot of fun to party in the rain I suppose, but the fish don’t mind.  The off shore action has been pretty hot this week.  The White Marlin Open started up, and watching the scales is always a good time.  Good luck to all the boats this year!

   Toggin is still hot and triggers are still prevalent at the outer and inner walls.  Live sand fleas are the ticket.  Blue fish have been out there as well and at times at the Indian river inlet.  Blues are popping up in the surf here and there.  crabbing has been okay this week but nothing to write home about.  Clamming has been decent too, just have to find them.  For all you back bay fans.  The tagged tiger shark (Septima) popped up in the Isle of Wight Bay on the first of August.  This shark weighs in at 1,000 pounds and is about twelve feet long.  That is one big shark.  When we caught one two years ago in the surf, that freaked some people out, but was only six and a half feet long.

The Lake
The lake
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I heard the traffic on route 1 has been a real bear.  When it was jammed up to the inlet bridge last week I was just about arriving to the lake in Connecticut.  We have a couple family cabins on a private lake in the mountains.  It is a great place to escape for some down time.  I have to say aside from the killer fishing, the weather has been about the same as Delaware.  You should see the license costs up here it is insane, $55 for an out of state fishing license, and in state is $28.  It is some of the best fishing in the New England area.  The rivers have been tougher to fish, but this lake is like an aquarium some days.  I spend long nights on the dock listening for fish and then in the early morning go looking for them.  No light pollution so you can see the milky way.  We have bears and moose up here now and I have yet to run into either of them.  I was able to reconnect with an old friend from college and it turns out he and his wife live ten minutes from the lake.  All in all it has been a great vacation, but I am looking forward to getting back in the sand box soon.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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