Thirty One Days Away

August is is like Christmas Eve to me for fishing, the point opens soon. We just have to wait 31 days.
I am just excited about the point opening! Been looking forward to it all summer, like every summer. This year however the fishing has been so much better that we haven’t missed it as much.

The pictures are from last year when Ron MacArthur took some shots from above. I don’t think it has changed much this year but we will see soon enough.

cape henlopen state park, the point, delaware, sussex county, surf fishing,
The point shot from above by Ron MacArthur (2018)
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Usually the fishing is much better at the point than any of the other beaches. Lot of fast moving water, structure, and baitfish in that area. Rips, flats, ledges, sand bars, holes, and shoals, you name it, the point has it.

cape henlopen state park, delaware, sussex county, the point
The point bayside area shot from above by Ron MacArthur

See you in 31 days and maybe we will get lucky and someone will take some aerial shots of how it looks now. Been curious all summer if that whale burial area has turned into a new ecosystem. Has the point area along the bayside shifted at that rip again?

Fish On!
Rich King

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