Editorial … Unsportsmanlike Conduct

A few months ago I read a post on the North Carolina Beach Buggy Associations page from a lifelong member who was resigning his membership to the Club after watching several vehicles with club tags adorning their rides, go past him as he was temporarily restrained on a soft crossing. Not one vehicle stopped to render assistance or make sure they were okay.

I’ve been a part of this fishing community in Delaware all my life either by boat as a child with my parents or as an adult surf fishing with my children, family and friends. It pains me to see how this community of “sportsman” has fallen into the same downward spiral as the rest of the “me,me,me” generation.

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Striped bass caught by Sue Sokira

The art of talking to your neighbor on the beach. Seeing someone who you know is “new to the sport” struggling with equipment and walking over to offer some assistance.

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I did see a post that made me happy on a DSF post someone was asking advice on location for walking out with equipment and a gentleman replied something to the affect of “any number of people from this page will likely stop and offer to help take your stuff out if they see you struggling!”

By George there MAY be some hope for us!!! My kids and friends shake their heads at me all the time (as they’re following in alongside me mind you) for stopping to offer assistance. Walking over with my gloves and pliers to help the person struggling with a fish. Or taking a heavier piece of lead over to the guy who has a 2oz Bank sinker on tangling up lines.

Maybe we just need to get back to the art of kindness and painting a beautiful picture of our sport.
Maybe we Senior folk need to remember we all started out not knowing how to “play our sport”.

Just the long winded opinion of a Salty Old Broad who loves to scan the fishing pages for new ideas and info. We all know what opinions are like …
Tight Lines and Fish On my friends

Sue Sokira

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