Water Temps And Tides Are On Point

Welcome to August! Point opens in 31 days!! This week we have been fishing the high tides in the morning and evening. It has been wonderful conditions with a bonus of great water temperatures. Even the daily air temperatures when near the water at the beach have been tolerable, inland not so much.

Offshore sea surface temperatures are seventy-three degrees at buoy 44009. The temperature at the beach is seventy degrees in Lewes and sixty-seven degrees at Ocean City. You can see that on the temperature map from Rutgers, must be small upwelling on the coast.

Masseys Ditch temperatures this past week. The high temp is low tide.

As the week progresses the tides will be later and later. By the weekend you will have a mid morning into noon high tide. Great day fishing the incoming to the outgoing. Start at dawn and fish into the late afternoon at the beach. For the night time anglers creepin while you’re sleepin. The tides will hit the high around midnight

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The inland bays are dropping as low as sixty eight degrees on the high tides. Seventy-six degrees has been the high temperature at low tide, that is great for the inland bays and the fishing. Better than the bathtub conditions we usually see this time of year and during that heavy heat wave.

Indian River Inlet Tides …
2019/08/01 Thu 03:01 AM -0.01 L
2019/08/01 Thu 09:18 AM 2.73 H
2019/08/01 Thu 2:53 PM -0.33 L
2019/08/01 Thu 9:53 PM 3.62 H
2019/08/02 Fri 03:49 AM -0.14 L
2019/08/02 Fri 10:11 AM 2.81 H
2019/08/02 Fri 3:46 PM -0.37 L
2019/08/02 Fri 10:42 PM 3.55 H
2019/08/03 Sat 04:37 AM -0.22 L
2019/08/03 Sat 11:05 AM 2.87 H
2019/08/03 Sat 4:41 PM -0.33 L
2019/08/03 Sat 11:32 PM 3.41 H
2019/08/04 Sun 05:26 AM -0.24 L
2019/08/04 Sun 12:00 PM 2.91 H
2019/08/04 Sun 5:38 PM -0.21 L

Rutgers Coastal Observation Lab temperature chart

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