The Calm Before The Storm


regoboth beach, march 2018 storm
Rehoboth beach at dead high tide 8 AM Thursday, it is calm and serene looking but the water is up a little more than usual. Due to the full moon

It is eerily calm out, there is little to no wind. That will change as the day progresses and then tomorrow the storm kicks it up a few notches.  So far we are still on track for major winds, minor to major coastal flooding and all that nor’easter jazz.  It is hard to predict these so go easy on the weather people, yes they still get paid when they are wrong but predicting weather on the eastern shore can be a crap shoot.  We are surrounded by large bodies of water that influence everything.  It is why the weather changes in Delaware every fifteen minutes.


Imagine what it was like a hundred years ago, a little calm comes in like this, grandpa’s weather knee acts up, he starts dancing around from pain, and then the ocean goes full angry and floods everything,with little to no warning.

ventusky, real time wind, weather
Ventusky screen shot of winds at 8 AM
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At least now you can not only see a storm coming, but watch conditions in real-time.  The website Ventusky is awesome for tracking conditions.  There are many layers to choose from and it works just like your weather apps on your phone.  You can watch the weather change every fifteen minutes, not just experience it.

It is high tide right now along the Delaware beaches and the water though calm is up a little higher than normal.  You can see Rehoboth beach in the picture.  Add decent storm surge and fifty mile east winds to that and you have breach and flood conditions.  Luckily these are supposed to be westerly into north winds but that could change if the storm shifts a bit, it is better to be prepared for that.  Stay safe and dry.

Today’s full moon will also be an issue.  Full moons cause higher tides that already push more water into waterways and farther up on beaches.  Combine that with heavy winds with storm surge at high tide and you have more chances of major flooding.

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