Drive On Beach Access Closed For Weekend


 Faithful steward crossing, savages ditch
Faithful steward crossing

I just heard from Delaware state park administrators that drive on beach accesses in Fenwick Island State Park and Delaware Seashore State park will be closed today (afternoon) in anticipation of this storm.  This is for the safety of not only the public but the people who would have to rescue anyone who gets stuck.  Let’s also not forgot those that drive on with the wrong vehicle due to not reading signs.   On Saturday they will evaluate conditions and decide if they will reopen them accesses or keep them closed.  This storm is also bringing us heavy wave action that is predicted to continue into Tuesday, at upwards of eleven feet.

The parking lots will be open, just the drive on access roads will be closed.  You will be able to walk on and experience the angry seas and look for beach treasures that wash up.  I am hoping for a new car.  Be careful if you do go out there you never know when a big wave will wash over the entire beach, especially at high tide.

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Low spot on Conquest beach where the breach occurred. DO NOT drive through this

Last year the breach at conquest occurred where that low area is just south of the drive on access road.  There is still a possibility in some areas to see a breach.  You don’t want to be out there when that happens.  Cape Henlopen State Park has not announced when they will close their drive on accesses yet, but I anticipate it is coming.   Navy crossing usually gets hit the worst, especially with nor’easter conditions.

By the way the full moon is not going to help with heavy winds and a full moon high tide.  March first, today is the first full moon this month.   We have two full moons this month so the March 31st will be another blue moon.

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