Snakes Coming Ashore In Lewes

Snakes Swimming To The Beach After Heavy Storms In Delaware

(SEPT 2018) … This is literally something you would see in a B grade horror movie.  The fact it is true is even better.  Last week after Gordon’s visit (storm) there were many snakes spotted near the pier in Cape Henlopen State Park, and coming ashore..

“People were coming in the shop telling us they just saw a python.  These snakes are only 2 to 3 feet long and are common hognose.”  Dave Beebe. They are coming from the Delaware Bay and or the ocean. Definitely coming from offshore. Maybe they got flushed from the Jersey marshes by high tides? Never seen anything like this in 50 years of fishing this pier.”  

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Anthony Fortunato saw this snake in the dune fence this morning.

These are common hognose snakes and are not venomous.  they can be aggressive if you mess with them, so it is better to just let them pass by into the dunes. None have been seen in about a week coming ashore.  It is not uncommon to see a snake on the beach, that is really warm sand out there to keep them moving and hunting.

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