Is There An Oil Tanker On Woodland Beach?

Internet for the win!  Someone shopped a picture of an oil tanker next to the buoy on Woodland Beach.  The buoy washed up during Tropical Storm Gordon.  I have been asked by three DNREC officials if I have heard a rumor of an oil tanker that ran aground in the Delaware Bay.  This picture above is the cause of that.  We have put a orca in the C&D canal as a joke, that is now an official attraction according to Google.


delaware bay, navigational aids, buoy 13
Buoy 13 sitting on Woodland Beach .. photo by Jeff Wildonger

People are calling the ship in to the coastguard and DNREC.  Everyone can stop calling the picture is fake.  Some days you just have to love the interwebs that we weave.

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