September Comes To An End

Favorite way to end the day is watching the sunset at the point.  Some days it is your basic sunset and other days the clouds and boats really set it off.  Yesterday was no exception, with a little shelf cloud in the distance and the ferry heading to Cape May.


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This restricted area is scheduled to be open October first (today)

We had a good weekend catching bluefish, sharks, and pompano.  The pompano bite was better in the mornings on the ocean side it seemed.  Easier to move around today and chase the bluefish schools that are chasing the mullet schools.  Flipping spoons with ultralight rods to blues was fun  all day, especially when you are catching a fish every cast.  Lot of anglers are filling up buckets of mullet for the upcoming tournaments.  War On The Sore Registration ends today get signed up!  We have a little over 170 anglers signed up so far.

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The bayside of the point will (should) open today, and you will be able to walk all the way around the Harbor of Safe Refuge.  That is a great walk to look for mullet schools in the flats or just explore.  Stay out of the big tide pool at the end of the point on really hot days.  Especially if there are a ton of those little black snails in there.  It is more or less stagnant water that fills with each tide and drains and evaporates throughout the day.

Fish On!
Rich King

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