Can Ya Get Me Audi The Sand

The unofficial H2O in OCMD started out with a bang.  First day, a mustang flipped on its hood.  Heard the little fellah got spooked by a Lam.   Then a few cars got stuck on Ocean CIty’s beach at the inlet.  The winner thus far is this genius who managed to drive this audi most of the way onto a drive on access ramp in Fenwick Island.


Location of audi stuck on beach
Location of audi stuck on beach they put up location so someone could find them in little old rural Delaware off route 1

How he even got this far is beyond us, he looks like he is plowing sand.  They took a picture of the car and screen shot their location and asked a car page for a truck to help pull them out.  That is an expensive tow job but at least they are just on the access buried to the frame.  Fill in your divots!

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Day isn’t over yet, first ferrari or Lamborghini that gets stuck wins a T shirt.

Fish On!

Rich King


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