Say No To Seismic Testing And Drilling In The Atlantic Ocean


Don't Drill Our Coast ... Say No To Seismic Testing
Don’t Drill Our Coast … Say No To Seismic Testing

Do you fish in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida or anywhere between, oh wait there isn’t anywhere else.  Basically this will affect the entire east coast so listen up!  We need to stop the proposed seismic testing and drilling in the Atlantic ocean for oil.   I know you may have heard of this before, but what I saw tonight in a presentation by Matt Heim from the Assateague Coastal Trust tonight was very sobering.  The seismic testing if allowed in our waters will kill and scare off our fish and have serious negative economic impacts on the entire east coast.  There is plenty of evidence of fisheries drastically reduced from seismic testing.  The amount of oil and gas that will be gained from drilling in the Atlantic ocean is roughly an 8 month supply (oil) and a 22 month supply (gas).    These numbers are from the BOEM themselves, yet big oil companies want to drill for this anyway.  The economic impact is devastating not only from seismic testing but an oil spill would be beyond disastrous.  Not to mention fracking is allowed in drilling areas, look at the issues with that industry on land, apply that to the ocean.  The seismic testing will be done by several companies that do not share data so there will be a lot of overlap in areas, which means they will test more than once.  I attended a meeting tonight and below I am posting the handout information.  I urge you to email, write, or call your representatives their addresses are below.  Even if you do not live in the state of Delaware this can affect you and yours in the future.  So feel free to send Delaware representatives your input.  If you live in a neighboring state see what your coastal town is doing to fight this issue.  Towns up and down the east coast are starting to vote on resolutions to tell their legislatures they do not want this to happen and there is not much time.  Ocean City Maryland passed one recently, Lewes and Dewey Beach will be voting on a resolution this month.  Write your newspapers as editorials and get the word out.

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This is what the BP spill would have looked like on the east coast. This is not taking into account the movement of oil from the currents like the gulf stream.

There are several groups working with the coastal towns and local chambers of commerce …  Assateague Coastal Trust, Oceana, Surfrider Foundation, Sussex County Progressives, and Delaware Surf Fishing.   What you need to know about seismic testing in a nutshell is they can only do this from April to November, pretty much during the best fishing on the east coast, especially for Delaware.  All many of you should be thinking is about the striped bass migration, but so much more will be effected.  The amount of noise made from these sound cannons will not only scare fish away but will kill wildlife.   I know it is boring to read this “stuff” and no one ever wants to get involved, but if you give more than a tinker’s damn about fishing, the environment, and your own business’s bottom line … you will read this, do some research in the links below, and start emailing people.  I will have a video of Matt Heim’s presentation tonight posted next week.  Get started now doing the research, and trust me it will wake you up.   Please help us fight seismic testing and drilling in the Atlantic ocean.

Thank You for your time …

Rich King


Not Off My Coast   

Why Delawareans Must Speak Out Against Offshore Testing & Drilling


  • In January 2015, the Obama administration released its draft proposed Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) five-year plan for oil and gas development in the United States. The proposed plan, which covers all potential leasing from 2017 to 2022, would open large swaths of the Atlantic Ocean to industrial offshore drilling for the first time in U.S. history. At the same time, the federal government is also reviewing applications for companies to use seismic airguns to search for oil and gas deposits deep below the ocean floor in an area twice the size of California, stretching from Delaware to Florida.
  • DNREC is currently reviewing two proposals filed by Houston companies for seismic surveys off the coast of Delaware “to assess the potential oil and gas resources.”
  • Any catastrophe like the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon-type spill off Louisiana’s coast would be economically and ecologically devastating to Delaware, and especially Sussex County.
  • Delaware’s coastal towns generate $6.9 billion in economic activity annually.
  • (Source: 2012 study conducted by University of Delaware’s Sea Grant program)
  • Fishing, tourism and recreation support approximately 24,000 jobs
  • Coastal Delaware has an extensive estuary system, and serves as a crucial waypoint for migratory shorebirds. 

Current Position of Delaware’s Elected Officials 

Senator Tom Carper doesn’t believe the country can drill its way to energy independence, but supports limited exploration if it is done without jeopardizing the environment or diminishing Delaware’s tourist economy. I believe it is possible to strike this balance.

Senator Chris Coons believes there’s a significant future in alternative energy sources…but the reality is that for the next few decades natural gas and oil are going to be at a price point that encourages their further exploration and makes research into alternative sources less competitive.

Rep. John Carney believes the Dept. of Interior’s proposal would put Delaware and our neighbors at risk of suffering the same devastation and destruction as the Gulf Coast after the BP spill. Expanding drilling in Delaware’s backyard is the wrong move for the country…It’s just not necessary…

On March 9, 2015 twelve (12) Atlantic coast senators signed a letter addressed to the Secretary of the Interior opposing offshore testing and drilling. The concluding paragraph of that letter reads:
Offshore drilling anywhere in the Atlantic has the potential to adversely impact our states’ fishing, tourism and recreation industries, our coastlines and our environment. These industries that rely on a healthy coastal ecosystem generate billions of dollars a year in economic activity for our states and would be severely threatened by offshore drilling anywhere in the Atlantic. As you finalize the 2017-2022 Five-Year OCS Drilling Program we urge you to protect our states’ economies and environment by eliminating any proposed oil and gas leasing offshore in the Atlantic.


Edward Markey (MA)                                   Barbara Mikulski (MD))       Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)

Elizabeth Warren (MA)                    Robert Menendez (NJ)         Benjamin Cardin (MD)

Richard Blumenthal (CT)                 Cory Booker (NJ)                  Bill Nelson (FL)

Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)                     Bernard Sanders (NH)         Jack Reed (RI)


âNote: Senators Carper and Coons did not sign the letter.


Oppose Seismic Blasting and Drilling in the Atlantic

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Help with the efforts to have Sussex towns and cities pass resolutions opposing seismic testing and offshore drilling. Over 85 towns, cities and counties in Eastern states have passed such resolutions. Not one Delaware town is on that list – yet!


  1. Write a letter to the Editor. Talking points can be found at the Assateaque Coastal Trust (ACT) and Oceana web sites. Let’s make people aware that seismic blasting could happen off our coast in 2017. Please submit to all local papers.
  1. Thank US Representative John Carney for his strong opposition to offshore testing and drilling and ask him to speak out again now.
  1. Ask Senator Carper and Senator Coons why they were not signatories on the letter signed by 12 US Atlantic Coast Senators opposing offshore testing and drilling. Urge them to take a stand as strong as John Carney’s.
  1. Contact Governor Markell and ask him to publicly take a stand against the current Draft Proposed Plan for 2017-2022


Letters to the Editor

Cape Gazette                          

Coast Press                 

Coastal Point                          

Delaware State News            

Milford Chronicle       

Seaford Star               

Sussex Countian        

Sussex Post/Leader   


News Journal                         


Elected Officials

Senator Thomas Carper

Senator Chris Coons   

Rep. John Carney        
Governor Jack Markell


Sources for More Information

  1. For talking points, graphs, excellent visuals, check Assateaque Coastal Trust:
  1. For a list of municipalities, chambers of commerce, fishing groups, restaurant associations, and tourist boards that have already passed resolutions, visit USA Oceana:
  2. Contact for
  • phone or US mail addresses for federal officials (if you prefer not to email)
  • Contact information of elected officials for any of Sussex County’s towns and cities
  • sample Delaware resolution opposing seismic testing and drilling
  • sample letter to Mayors
  1. To schedule a presentation or get more information, please contact
    Matt Heim, Outreach Coordinator for Assateaque Coastal Trust at


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