Online Auction For Numbered Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Information

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Dave Wilson auctioning off Delaware Surf Fishing tag number 2 held by John Atkins. John is responsible for getting the bill passed to let the parks do the numbered tags again.

DOVER (Nov. 5, 2015) – Would-be buyers who didn’t cast their bids high enough to land one of the low-digit Delaware State Parks surf tags sold at auction last weekend by DNREC’s Division of Parks & Recreation will be happy to know that online auctions for the tags will continue through the holiday season until the end of the year. After a stirring conclusion to the first auction where one of the tags sold for more than $20,000, DNREC Secretary David Small and the Division of Parks & Recreation also expressed gratitude today to successful bidders who bought the low-digit tags – reiterating that all revenue generated by sales of the surf tags directly benefits Delaware State Parks.

The low-digit surf tags can now be bid on during weekly seven-day online auctions, which begin each Wednesday and end the following Tuesday. Surf-fishing enthusiasts and Delaware State Parks supporters interested in the tags – perhaps as holiday gifts for that special surf-fishing someone – are encouraged to go online at and bid for the tags. Prospective bidders also should be aware that only 100 of the low-digit surf tag will be sold this year, which means the online auctions will receive plenty of attention. The current auction – which ends Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. – features 12 low-digit plates: 22, 33, 44, 66, 77, 333, choice 31 – 59, choice 61 – 99, choice 101- 199, choice 202 -299, choice 301- 399 and choice 401 – 499.

Secretary Small called the first auctions of the surf tags a “tremendous success” that “really showed Delawareans both love their low-numbered tags and our beautiful state parks. Their bids paid more than lip service in showing it – and DNREC and Delaware State Parks can’t emphasize enough that this support enables the recently-named No. 1 state parks system in the country to continue offering Delawareans and out-of-state visitors the destination trips that will live up to that highest ranking.”

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The first live auction of the surf tags took place Oct. 31 at the “Booo-B-Que” event at Delaware Seashore State Park, where 17 tags sold for $113,700, with the highest price ($20,500) paid for surf-tag No. 2. Meanwhile, the Division of Parks & Recreation’s first-ever online auction closed on Sunday evening with the sale of an additional 15 tags that generated $67,452 from 294 different bids. The total revenue generated from the first two sales was $181,152, at an average bid of $5,661 each.

“We are overwhelmed with the response at our first two auctions,” said Division of Parks & Recreation/Delaware State Parks Director Ray Bivens. “We are grateful to State Representative Dave Wilson – who volunteered his time to auction the first and last tags at the ‘Boooo-B-Que.’ We also want to thank former State Representative John Atkins for persevering to make the surf tag sales a reality through the General Assembly, and Governor Markell for signing HB 348 into law enabling sales of the low-digit plates. We are excited now about the weekly auctions online and we are already planning future live auctions for next spring and summer at the beach.”

Director Bivens also encouraged bidders to act fast on the remaining tags that will be auctioned off this year if they’re aiming to get a particular number. “By popular request, the current auction and future auctions offer a number of choice options that enables bidders to pick their favorite number from a range of available tags,” he said. To view current auctions, register to bid, submit questions or receive other information, please visit

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