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Sign off route 1 below the Nassau Bridge.

There are proposed plans to develop the land that backs up to the Great Marsh.  Many of us feel this is bad idea.  Not just for the added congestion etc. that is always an argument and these days a given, especially in the summer.  The main concern for many of us is the fact this could and will destroy a very valuable ecosystem and natural resourse, the Great Marsh and ultimately the ground water below.   The Overbrook Town Center Coalition- OTCC has a petition out asking people to fight this proposed land use.  There is a hearing about rezoning the area form agriculture to commercial on February 27th.

David Beebe … ” Aside from all the Not In My Backyard people, my concern is the fragility of the great marsh ecosystem . I can run my skiff way up those tidal guts and see not a speck of trash – with fish and wildlife everywhere.  If it weren’t for the giant pinwheel in the distance, you could convince yourself that you are in the 1700’s”

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From the Nature Conservancy website  … The Great Marsh, a 17,000-acre coastal wetland near the mouth of the Delaware Bay. To the casual observer, the Great Marsh may seem uninviting. But to those curious about nature, exploration by canoe or kayak reveals another world – a vibrant and fluid landscape governed by the ancient cycle of the tides.  The Great Marsh contains a fascinating and complex ecology unlike any other, encompassing diminishing habitats such as fresh and saltwater wetlands, intertidal mud flats and Atlantic white cedar swamps. If these wetlands disappear completely, so will plants and animals that come to rest and reside, including thousands of migratory birds visiting throughout the year.

Please sign the petition and if you have the time attend the hearing.

Fish On!

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