February Spring Fishing


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Matt Trucks of the Plastic Hull with a 25 inch resident striped bass.

The recent warm ups and rain storms are waking up the fish.  We had three days of sixty degree rainy weather and this caused the water temperatures to jump up a full eight degrees in several area tidal creeks and rivers.  The constant cold and freezing dropped the water temperatures to thirty-eight degrees and lower.  Last week’s warm up raised the temperature in Masseys ditch to forty-six degrees almost over night.  That temperature held for three days until the colder temps came back.


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Masseys Ditch temperatures the last week. The higher temps are during dead low tide when the water is the warmest in the winter.

This warm up is “waking” up the fish.  They are much more active and a little easier to catch, since they get hungry with more activity.  The Indian River at Cupola Park, Broadkill River near Oyster Rocks, and Canary Creek to name a few places that have seen great resident striped bass action.  The area tidal waters are loaded with resident striped bass, also known as the schoolies or shorts.  Anglers have been catching decent fish up to twenty-five inches.  Not keepers but a lot of fun to catch and release, especially on light gear. The bridges in Ocean City are seeing good action too at the pylons.


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The past month the water temperatures have been steadily rising. the warms ups have really helped spike up the water temperatures.
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Some of our local kayak anglers have been doing very well in the tidal creeks and rivers.  Just keep in mind if you do go out and kayak fish that you have the proper gear for the cold water.  Just because it is warm out doesn’t mean the water is safe, because if you fall in without the proper gear you could be in some serious trouble.  Matt Trucks of The Plastic Hull“Nice stripers biting in cold forty degree water temps. Fish up to twenty-five inches for me, which is not too bad for some Delaware winter fishing! “

Crappie, pickerel, bluegills, and white perch fishing was the choice the last few weeks.  Yellow perch haven’t been very active in Delaware waters, but we are seeing some great catching in the upper Chesapeake tributaries.  Anglers are even doing well with twenty pound class striped bass in the upper Chesapeake.

Get your get ready because spring fishing is on its way.

Fish On!

Rich King



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