Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware Saturday sessions begin tomorrow … January 5, 2012

One of Stan's large flies lots of flash and color
One of Stan’s large flies lots of flash and color

Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware Club …..Tomorrow is the first of many Fly Tie meetings on Saturday at Lewes Harbor Marina on Anglers road. They start “roughly” at 8 am.  I spent all winter with these boys last year, and will continue this year.  I have been looking forward to this all summer.  SFAOD is a great club to join if you are into fly fishing.  These Saturday sessions are good for meeting fellow anglers, and learning how to tie flys. Should be a great time as always with the “donut club” …. Bring your boots, it tends to get a little deep.  I will tell you all about it tomorrow, come on out if you have the time, it is well worth the morning.  This year I might stop talking long enough and learn to tie some things.  I am very interested to see what kind of shrimp Joe has in store for us, and if Mac made anything cool with the Evolution Jighead I gave him last year.  Creativity is abundant in this club.  The boys tie the teeny tiny trout flies, all the way up to those monster “ugly” striper flies, bucktails and surf candy.  The squid flies were one of my favorites last year.  These boys can get pretty creative with items they find in craft stores, the side of the road, and their granddaughter’s doll collections.  So tomorrow I am going to go to the salon and get my flies done up.

oak orchard, blow out tide, blown tide, low tide, rehoboth bay, assawoman bay, indian river bay
Oak Orchard the other day and tide was still going out, winds were 30 m.p.h. steady, with heavy gusts. That pushes a lot of water out of the Indian River, Rehoboth, and Assawoman bays.  Which stirs up the water and silt.
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On a side note I am missing a Bluefin Tuna trip in VA for this, rumor on campus is …. the fish are 3 miles off shore. John you are killing me, and thanks for the offer.  Next time, and bring me back some tunny for my tummy please!!  There are tautog still at Massey’s Landing, but all undersized.  A few keeper stripers have been hit the past few days at the Indian River Inlet, mostly from boats on live eels.  The “shorts’ are just an inch under the size limit.  The rocks and rail have been rather quiet, with some light action.  Jason Snead was down there the other day, and said the water looked like pea soup.  I can concur that, I was there 2 days ago, and it was very murky.  The back bays are clear for a foot deep tops, then it is murky, Massey’s Landing is the same.  The winds have been pushing water around and out, which is great to stir up the bays, and clean them out, but horrible for fishing.  The fact most of our area needs to be dredged does not help either, there is a huge amount of sand and silt buildup in the back bays.  There are still some dogs and skates in the surf, as well as ling cod.  I haven’t seen a winter flounder since the new year.  Since summer flounder and sea bass opened we decided to do a contest for the first keepers of 2012.  Send us a picture, that you can prove is the first keeper catch in 2012, and win a DSF Star Angler Discount Card.  We have a few other contests …  Funniest Photo Caption contest on our DSF Facebook page, and we have “give aways” we are doing with a few sponsors with our “gear.”  You can also follow us on Twitter … Delaware Surf Fish @DSFreports.  Check out the DSF You Tube Channel.  Our newest addition to our online store is the DSF pint glass.  You can see, purchase, and use them at Old Bay Restaurant, and after the 11th, in Port Dewey Beach when they reopen.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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