Route 1 Southbound Flooded Below Inlet

The flooding so far isn’t too bad and typical for a noreaster.  The marsh flowed onto southbound route 1 below the bridge.  Norhtside of the bridge aside from the sand issue seems fine.    Rehoboth bay is still filling up with water.  Oaka Orchard and the long neck areas are flooding in the typical areas.  Storm surge without wind can flood the inland bays just as bad as with wind pushing the water.

Marsh flooded south if the inlet that is flooding the road in low spots

Typical noreaster flooding is good news.  The winds have died down considerably, so the waters should calm down as well, but I would expect to see some more minor flooding on the next  high tide tonight.  With the winds dying down the inland bays can drain, the tides are still an issue.

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The  astronomical high tides due to the full moon will keep the waters up higher than normal anyway.

Fish On!

Rich King

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