Beaches Closed, Route 1 breached by sand


Rehoboth beach at 10 AM

Did summer show back up because it is much warmer out than I expected.  The noreaster overnight was a lot of fun, nothing like loud wind to keep you up most of the night.  The drive on beaches are closed, water is to the dunes already.   High tide is an hour away.  Water is pushing into the old breach areas in Cape Henlopen.  The rest of the parks seem fine so far.   Rehoboth Beach could breach at the walk on accesses by 11 AM to noon.

Route 1 norhtbound is getting covered in sand

 Sand is blowing across route 1 on the northbound lane just below the Charles W Cullen bridge.  Deldot is trying to move the sand and keep traffic slow in that area.   This area could possibly close if conditions get worse but so far they have it under control.  snowplows move sand well too.

    Low lying inland bay area communities should expect minor flooding, the sea is still very angry and pushing a lot of water in our direction. 

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